Virtual Assistant

Moving Surface Virtual assistant is an innovative way of delivering key messages at public places to passengers and visitors. Available 24/7, the virtual assistant ensures that you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time..

With a high footfall on every airport, shopping mall, exhibitions and conferences, there is always the challenge to communicate effectively and consistently with passengers, shoppers and visitors. To help find a way to relay useful information, Moving Surface introduced the Virtual Assistant. The next generation digital signage solution.

The Virtual Assistant is available for customization and use across a range of sectors as an innovative promotional and marketing resource, including retail, events and conferencing, rail travel, healthcare and the public sector.

Aided with motion sensor, the virtual assistant will start broadcasting your messages at the approach of passer-by with perfect sync of audio-video, full customization of the image and the message and ability to interact with the assistant with the public through tablets.

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